Anti-spam policy

Blue Earth publicly announces its Privacy Policy, which combines the best e-mail marketing practices on the Internet with respect for the privacy and integrity of its customers.

In compliance with its policy against unsolicited emails, Blue Earth declares its intent to prevent any kind of spam practices. Blue Earth emphasises constant system monitoring to ensure that its customers always comply with the anti-spam policy and do not send large amounts of emails without the consent of recipients.

Blue Earth does not allow the bulk sending of emails.

What is Bulk email?

Bulk email has the same content that is sent to a list of subscribers all at once. There is no action from the recipient that triggers these messages to be sent. Bulk email includes:

  • Marketing emails
  • Promotions
  • Announcements
  • Newsletters

What if I need to send bulk email?

There are may other services that provide email marketing tools (called ESPs) you can look into. We recommend mailchimp as a good alternative.

According to the Terms & Conditions and accepted principles, Blue Earth constantly supervises customers’ accounts in order to verify the appropriateness of uploaded data. Therefore, it is important that all customers who use Blue Earth platform agree to only upload data that meets regulations. Purchased data or mailing lists cannot be used.

Any customer who uses the Blue Earth platform for spamming will be immediately blocked, and the related account(s) will be disabled with no refund of previously purchased credits.

Get to know more about Blue Earth anti-spam practices:

Information policy: Blue Earth seeks to explain to its customers and anyone who uses email marketing all the issues related both to spam practices and to basic instructions meant to prevent SPAM from being sent.

Punishment policy: Blue Earth imposes contractual clauses that provide for the authorisation to cancel the provided services to customers who violate this anti-spam policy.

Here are some practices adopted by Blue Earth in accordance with its anti-spam commitment:

Contact information:

All emails sent from Blue Earth should contain contact information about your company/institution, including domain name and physical address. By registering on Blue Earth, you declare that you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions found on the anti-spam policy page.

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us.

This document was last updated on March 29, 2018